About Us

Working with Apex for your Ergonomic Equipment Needs

Apex is a Medically Directed and Owned organization and we believe strongly that the workplace is an incredible environment to positively impact the health and productivity of your team.

Originating as a purely occupational health company founded by physicians, our organization was, and still is, of service to an array of clients from a variety of industries who are seeking guidance on an assortment of health related challenges, including ergonomics.

Managing ergonomics projects from start to finish is a passion for our team. From assessments to set up, our Registered Kinesiologists and Product Experts help you build an ergonomically safe and productive work environment.

From Assessment to Set Up

Starting with a comprehensive assessment, Apex Kinesiologists spend the time and focus needed to fully understand the ergonomic challenges your team is facing. Whether you are moving an entire office or require an individual assessment; an in depth assessment results in the information needed to help you make educated decisions on which equipment to invest in to create a health and energy promoting environment.

Occupational Health and Wellness Experts

Apex Occupational Health and Wellness is your single source for all of your occupational health and wellness needs. To learn more about our other offerings, visit: